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Course Content:

The .NET Framework – Introduction

• Architecture of .NET Framework
• Types of MS.NET Applications
• MSIL / Metadata and PE files
• The Common Language Runtime (CLR)
• Common Type System (CTS)
• Common Language Specification (CLS)
• Types of JIT Compilers
• Security Manager
• MS.NET Memory Management / Garbage Collection
• MS.NET Base Classes Framework
• MS.NET Assemblies and Modules

Installing - Visual Studio.NET 2010 - IDE

• Visual Studio.Net IDE - Introduction and Shortcuts

C#.NET - Language Basics

• Variables, Constants, Data Types
• Operators - Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Bitwise
• Operators - Assignment, Casting, Parsing, Concat, Comment
• String and String Builder
• Boxing and Unboxing

C#.NET - Console Applications

• Entry point method - Main
• Command Line Parameters

Compiling and Building Projects - (Implement 24 Programs)

C#.NET - Control Statements

• Conditional
• Iteration
• Jump

Logical Programs - Psedocodes , Programs - 1

C#.NET - Procedures and Functions

• Introduction
• Prototype based
• Call by value / ref based
• Param Arrays, Optional Args, Named Arguments

C#.NET - Arrays

• Dimensional Arrays - Single and Multi dimensional (C++/.NET)
• Dimensional Arrays - Static and Dynamic
• Why Array index starts with zero?
• 3D Arrays and Jagged Arrays

C#.NET - Object-Oriented Programming

• OOPS Concepts in Real World
• Object, Class
• Data Abstraction, Encapsulation
• Inheritance and Polymorphism
• Simple Class Implementation
• C#.NET - Working With Class and Objects
• Declaring a class with state and behavior

Adding Variables and Methods

• Inline Methods
• Nested Methods
• Const Methods, Friend Functions
• Properties , Indexers, Initializes

C#.NET - Shared/Static Members

• Memory Allocations - Stack, Heap and Global Memory
• Static / Shared State and Behaviors
• Static Class
• Object as Args and Return Type

C#.Net - Constructors and Destructors

• Default, Parameterized, static Type
• Memory Management and Garbage Collection

Polymorphism - Static

• Method Overloading
• Constructor Overloading
• Partial Classes & Methods
• Inner Classes

C#.NET Inheritance - Simple, Multilevel, Hierarchical

• Interface, Dynamic Polymorphism
• Deriving classes
• Simple, Multilevel, Hierarchy
• What is the need of virtual functions?
• Virtual Functions C++ / .NET Solution
• Pure Virtual Functions & Abstract Class

Diamond Problem - multiple Inheritances versus Interface

• Implementation/Interface Inheritance
• Class Reference and Sub Reference
• Visit and Execute - Constructor/Destructor
• Calling base class constructor/method

C#.Net - Delegates

• Function Pointers in C++
• Callback in C++
• Delegates - Simple, Multicast, LINQ Based
• Event handling and delegates

C#.Net - Exception Handling

• Handling Exceptions using try and catch
• Raising Exceptions using throw
• Pre-defined Exception classes
• Custom Exception classes
• Using Statement

C#.Net - Win Forms

• Introduction to windows forms
• Controls - Label, Button, Textbox, Image
• Controls - Combo box, Radio Button, Date Time, Timer

Menus and Context Menus

• Menu Strip, Toolbar Strip
• Grid View, Data bounds

Drag base versus Code Base Designing Control

• SDI and MDI Applications

MS - SQL Server 2008 - Quick Tour

• Introduction and Installation
• DDL, DML and DQL, Key Constraints, Stored Procedures

Create Real time databases - Bank, College, Super Market

C#.NET - ADO.Net Framework

• History of ADO.NET - Native API, ODBC, DAO/RDO, ADO
• Managed Providers .NET
• Working with Connection, Command, Data Reader
• C#.NET Dataset - connection less

Working with Prepared Statements

• Working with Stored Procedures
• Data Tables, Data Columns and Data Rows, Constraints
• C#.NET - Working with Components / Assemblies (Priv/Pub)

Developing 3 Tier and N-Tier Architecture Application (Industrial)

• Creating a Simple .NET Framework Component
• Revise ADO.NET in depth
• HTML - Basic Controls, Forms, Frames, CSS, POST/GET Methods
• How to create and deploy your own static web site?
• Java Script and Jquery Basics

Client versus Server

• Client Side Scripting versus Server Side Scripting
• ASP.NET Introduction and Architecture
• Static and Dynamic Website - Architecture
• Client Side Controls versus Server Side Controls

ASP.NET Basic Controls

• ASP.Net AutoPostback
• ASP.NET Web Form - Lifecycle
• ASP.NET Field Validators - Required, Range, Compare, Expression

ASP.NET State Management

• View State
• Query String
• Cookies - Temporary and Permanent
• Sessions
• Static Class
• Simple Login, My Account Logout Page Implementation
• ASP.Net Login Control, ASP.NET Custom Control, Panel Control

ASP.NET Web Services

• Web service as Producer and Consumer
• Working with UDDI
• Web service as Consumer

ASP.NET Master Pages, Skins, Themes

• ASP.NET Menu, Navigation, Tree, Ad Rotator
• Download from templates and Implement

ASP.NET Authentication and Authorization

• Windows Authentication, Forms Authentication, Passport Auth

ASP.Net Data bound controls

• Data from Pages, Collections
• Data from Data source controls, Data views, Repeator Control
• ADO.Net integration with ASP.NET

ASP.NET Website Deployment on IIS and Windows Deployment

• MS.NET Threading and MS.NET 4.5 Framework
• MS.NET Advanced Features Overview - WPF/Silver Light, WCF, MVC, SharePoint
• C#.NET and Sql Server 2008 - Technical Assessment
• HTML, Jquery and ASP.NET - Technical Assessment
• Project Based Lab Assessment - State Management/ADO.NET/Master Pages.


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