Advanced Java Course Content

Database Programming using JDBC

Introduction to JDBC
JDBC Drivers & Architecture
CURD operation Using JDBC
Connecting to non-conventional Databases.
Mail API
          Introduction to Email Technical Internals
Understanding of POP and SMTP framework
Complete understanding the email API
Mass mailer Application development
Introduction to J2EE
J2EE Overview
Why J2EE?
J2EE Architecture
J2EE Containers
Java Server Technologies

Web Application Basics.
Architecture and challenges of Web Application.
Introduction to servlet
Servlet life cycle
Developing and Deploying Servlets
Exploring Deployment Descriptor (web.xml).
Handling Request and Response
Initializing a Servlet
Accessing Database
Servlet Chaining
Session Tracking & Management
Dealing with cookies
Transferring Request
Accessing Web Context
Passing INIT and CONTEXT Parameter
Sharing information using scope object
Controlling concurrent access
User Authentication
Filtering Request and Response
Programming Filter
Filter Mapping
Servlet Listeners

Java Server Pages:

Basic JSP Architecture
Life Cycle of JSP (Translation, compilation)
JSP Tags and Expressions
Role of JSP in MVC-2
JSP with Database
JSP Implicit Objects
Tag Libraries
JSP Expression Language (EL)
Using Custom Tag
JSP Capabilities:
Exception Handling
Session Management
JSP with Java Bean

RMI (Remote Method Invocation)
RMI overview
RMI architecture
Example demonstrating RMI

Enterprise JAVA Beans
Enterprise Bean overview
Types of enterprise beans
Advantages of enterprise beans
The Life Cycles of Enterprise Beans
Working with Session Beans
Statefull vs. Stateless Session Beans
Working with Entity Beans
Message Driven Beans
JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface)
JNDI overview
Context operations
Using JNDI in J2EE applications


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